14 side effects of Garcinia Cambogia – Fastest way to lose 20 pounds

Every good thing has its negative effects, so it is important to look at the potential side effects of garcinia cambogia.

In fact, most people use garcinia cambogia for weight loss and abdominal fat loss.

The reviews on garcinia cambogia are so amazing, in fact, users report that Garcinia cambogia slimming pills are very effective and could lose extra pounds in a month.

So how does garcinia cambogia work?

It is made from natural active ingredients that contain powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants are very effective for burning excess body fat and losing abdominal fat.

It also contains hydroxycitric acid or HCA which helps block an enzyme called citrate lase, which your body uses to make fat. This helps to minimize the production of body fat.

In addition, Garcinia cambogia increases the level of the chemical serotonin in your brain, which can make you feel less hungry.

Thus, it helps to reduce the appetite for unhealthy eating.

Summary: Garcinia cambogia helps reduce appetite and also contains HCA which helps block and citrate binding enzymes that stimulate fat growth. This leads to faster weight loss.

The benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

  1. Helps with weight loss

Garcinia cambogia slimming pills are very effective in losing weight. Contains active ingredients and HCA that help burn fat and lose weight.

The presence of HCA helps block a fat-producing enzyme, citrate lyase.

This allows you to lose extra pounds in four weeks. For effective weight loss with garcinia cambogia pills, you can include cardio workouts and a weight loss plan.

Summary: Garcinia helps in weight loss as it helps in burning excess body fat and controlling body fat production.

  1. Reduces appetite

Eating too many calories, unhealthy fats and high carb foods are some of the major causes of weight gain.

However, garcinia cambogia can help you reduce your hunger hormones. Reduces appetite or appetite.

In fact, when you take this pill, you can wait several hours before you feel hungry.

Therefore, pills with help you reduce your daily calorie intake, carbohydrate intake, which will help you lose weight faster.

Summary: You can reduce your appetite when you take the garcinia diet pill. This will help you lose weight safely.

  1. Helps improve cholesterol levels

These weight loss pills help regulate your body’s cholesterol levels.

For example, it lowers “bad” cholesterol (LDL) in the bloodstream, while raising HDL, the “good” cholesterol in the blood.

Study shows that obese patients receiving garcinia cambogia for weight loss have been able to lose weight and continue to lose LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (good cholesterol) within a month .

In addition, it also helps reduce the risk of other chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Summary: Garcinia cambogia helps regulate “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and HDL, the “good” cholesterol in the blood.

  1. Decreases triglycerides

Studies show that garcinia cambogia helps increase insulin sensitivity, lower triglycerides and lower blood sugar. This allows you to stay healthy as you lose weight.

High levels of triglycerides in the bloodstream can lead to a wide range of health complications, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

However, when it is low, you can reduce the risk of developing these dangerous diseases.

Summary: Garcinia Cambogia tablets have been shown to lower triglycerides in the bloodstream. They help reduce the chances of developing chronic diseases.

Side effects of Garcinia Cambogia

  1. Helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

With strong antioxidants, the pill helps control insulin sensitivity, triglycerides, blood sugar and cholesterol (LDL and HDL), which are associated with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

  1. Regulates blood pressure

The active ingredients can help open the blood vessels and reduce the pressure on the walls of the arteries.

As discussed above, it lowers blood sugar, triglycerides and increases insulin sensitivity, which prevents the risk of high blood pressure.

In addition, garcinia cambogia helps reduce the high carbohydrate content that contributes to a higher rate of high blood pressure.

It burns carbs into energy and reduces your craving for carbs.

Summary: You can control your blood pressure when using garcinia pills; however, you should seek the advice of your doctor.

  1. Helps reduce stress and anxiety

Garcinia Cambogia Slimming Pills can help reduce oxidative stress by reducing free radicals that can damage DNA.

Studies show that this supplement contains more powerful compounds that reduce stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety are a major problem nowadays. In fact, billions of people suffer from stress and anxiety globally.

However, the good news is here, using garcinia cambogia can help you reduce your stress hormone and anxiety.

Summary: The use of garcinia is shown to reduce the stress hormone and help minimize oxidative stress that can damage the cell’s DNA.

  1. Improves mood

Studies show that taking garcinia cambogia can help stimulate your mood and reduce your mood swings.

In addition, it suggests that it stimulates enzymatic reactions and other processes that reduce fatigue, increase endurance and make you feel active.

  1. Controls metabolic rate

Not only does it help you get rid of fats easily, but it also improves your metabolism.

Weight Loss Garcinia cambogia helps speed up your metabolism, which in turn burns carbs and calories, allowing you to lose weight faster and safer.

This helps prevent fat deposits that are linked to metabolic syndromes, cancer and other cardiovascular diseases.

Concluding thoughts

Garcinia cambogia helps to lose weight, reduces appetite, helps to stimulate mood, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, minimizes triglycerides and increases insulin sensitivity. It also helps reduce stress and anxiety and improves your metabolic rate.

Side effects of garcinia cambogia

All coins have two sides, so despite the health benefits of garcinia cambogia, there are some of the negative effects that most users report.

The disadvantages of garcinia cambogia are the following:

  1. It can lead to dizziness

Due to changes in metabolic rate, the use of garcinia cambogia may cause dizziness. However, it will stop in a few weeks.

  1. May cause dry mouth

The common symptoms of garcinia are that the mouth may dry out. Weight loss will always lead to dehydration, so you need to stay hydrated.

  1. May cause headache

Another side effect of this weight loss supplement is that it can lead to headaches. Changing metabolic processes can lead to headaches.

  1. Upset stomach

Due to changes in body processes and enzymatic reactions, you may have stomach upsets. However, this usually stops after a few weeks.

  1. Diarrhea

As mentioned above, garcinia cambogia can cause changes in metabolic rate and enzymatic reactions, which can lead to constipation or diarrhea.


According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they consider it unsafe and have warned everyone not to use a slimming product containing garcinia cambogia.

The FDA says some people taking garcinia pills have serious liver problems.

In addition, garcinia cambogia may interact poorly with certain medications, such as diabetes medications, including pills and insulin, pain medications, and prescriptions for psychiatric disorders.

Last but not least, do not use garcinia cambogia if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, or if you have problems with your liver.


Garcinia cambogia for weight loss has a wide range of health benefits, as discussed above; however, it can cause some side effects such as diarrhea, dizziness, upset stomach, headache and dry mouth.

Most importantly, you should talk to your doctor to help you decide if taking garcinia cambogia is a good idea for weight loss.

The FDA has warned that it could be unsafe for those with life problems, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, those taking diabetes medications, including pills and insulin, pain medications and prescriptions for psychiatric disorders.

So, seek the advice of your doctor if taking garcinia cambogia is a good idea for weight loss.

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