3 tips on plating foods to lose weight – primarily for women – Fastest way to lose 20 pounds

The food you put on your food plays a strong role in how satisfying (and slimming) a meal is. These optical plating illusions, proven by research, “trick” the brain into seeing more food, so that you feel full with less to maximize weight loss!

Consider the color of the vessel.

Avoid eating the right foods, such as mashed potatoes in a white bowl. Instead, increase the contrast between the color of the food and the dish, for example, by eating yellow eggs on a red plate. Cornell researchers have found that we tend to eat almost 20% more food when colors mix with food.

Spread the plates.

We perceive food portions as larger when they are served in a circle, with a larger circle around it, as when we use a plate placed on top of a charger, due to a phenomenon called bias of the Delboeuf illusion.. For weight loss benefits, try stacking a medium plate on a large one.

Wear thin glasses.

People tend to overestimate their portion size when pouring liquid into a tall, narrow glass and underestimate or over-pour when using a short, wide glass. To drink fewer high-calorie drinks, simply opt for more upright dishes.

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, The first for women.

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