6 best times to drink green tea for weight loss, health benefits, etc. – Fastest way to lose 20 pounds

If you like to drink tea, any time would be a great time for your favorite cup. But if you want to maximize the benefits or make sure that you can fall asleep even after drinking your favorite caffeinated tea, sometimes some green teas may be better than others. So what is the best time to drink green tea?

The benefits of consuming green tea

To understand what are the best times to drink tea, let’s look at what green tea is. Green tea is made from Camellia Sinensis, a plant rich in antioxidants, caffeine and amino acids. It also contains some vitamins, minerals and fiber. The most important antioxidant in green tea is catechin called EGCg, available in large quantities only in green tea. Unlike black or oolong, green tea is non-oxidized.

Studies have shown that green tea can be useful in “preventing cancer and cardiovascular disease” and has “anti-inflammatory, antiarthritic, antibacterial, antiangiogenic, antioxidant, antiviral, neuroprotective and cholesterol-lowering effects”.[1]”Scientists usually associate health benefits with tea consumed over a long period of time, rather than with a single occasional cup.

1. When is the best time to drink green tea?

Green tea is a great option for a morning drink. It has enough caffeine to give you extra energy in the morning. Unlike coffee, tea contains an amino acid L-theanine, which prevents the growth of caffeine and gives you sustained energy for several hours. In other words, green tea should not make you drowsy. Then what are the best energizing green teas in the morning? Shaded types like matcha, gyokuro or kabusecha and Japanese sencha.

Japanese Sencha

You can also drink green tea in the evening. Be careful what tea you choose, because the amount of caffeine in each tea is different. Some green teas may have more caffeine than black tea, so the best evening green teas are those with old ripe or roasted leaves, such as kyobancha, hojicha or kukicha with very few parts of the leaves in the mixture. To reduce caffeine, even more, use colder water and reduce soaking time. However, this method will extract even less EGCg.

2. The best time to drink green tea for weight loss:

If the reason for drinking green tea is to lose weight, the best time to drink a cup or two is before training. One study found that EGCG combined with caffeine, taken 90 minutes before exercise, significantly increased the rate of fat oxidation during exercise.[2]. Choose green tea with higher amounts of EGCg. You can increase the water temperature and soaking time to extract more caffeine and EGCg. Both EGCg and caffeine are bitter, so be prepared for a less enjoyable cup of green tea, your goal is to maximize the benefits and use green tea for weight loss.

3. Should you drink green tea before or after meals?

To get the most out of green tea, the best way might be to drink it on an empty stomach. A study has shown that taking food at the same time as drinking tea may inhibit the absorption of EGCg[3]. On the other hand, green tea may inhibit iron absorption. However, many sources suggest that it is not recommended to drink green tea on an empty stomach. If you have problems with your stomach or liver, then the best option might be to take it with or after a meal, but make sure you consult your doctor first. Research has shown that although green tea can help treat any type of diarrhea[4], in large quantities, may be the cause of one. What are the teas with the most EGCg? Steamed green teas such as sencha or gunpowder. Another benefit of eating green tea before meals could be to help reduce hunger.

If you want to drink green tea with a meal, learn the basics of combining tea with food could open a door to a whole new world of sensory experiences. Although the most popular choice for an afternoon tea is black tea, green tea can perfectly combine the sweetness of desserts. Although the combination of green tea with sweets is not a favorite choice for tea connoisseurs, the slight bitterness of sencha will go amazingly well with the sweetness of the cake. Moreover, green tea is a popular choice in sushi bars for mouth cleansing. Choose lighter green teas, such as Dragon Well, for lighter, non-sweet foods, and stronger vegetable and astringent teas for heavier desserts and meals.

August green box with Dragon Well tea

4. When to drink green tea to stimulate your metabolism:

Green tea can help digestion and stimulate metabolism. Although there are no specific rules when you should have tea, the best time may be before or 30-60 minutes after the meal. To get the most benefit, studies usually suggest 3-5 cups of green tea a day, depending on the type and amount of EGCg. Learn how to choose the tea with the highest EGCg.

5. Should you drink tea before or after training?

Both a cup of tea before and after training has its own benefits. A pre-workout cup can help with weight loss, endurance and concentration, while a post-workout cup will refresh and fill your body.

6. The best time to drink tea for glowing skin:

As for the skin, every cup of tea can count. Tea not only provides the hydration needed for glowing skin, but also has anti-inflammatory properties. It can help with photo-aged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes and can even help reduce sebum.[5] and cleanses the skin of acne. Studies have shown that tea can help both inside and out. To take things a step further, you can prepare a facial steam bath with green tea from loose leaves and make it a part of your weekly skin routine.

What is the best season to drink green tea?

Each type of tea has its own season, usually related to harvest time. Green tea is an excellent choice for spring and summer, with the best green teas being harvested in early spring. It can help cleanse the body and provide the energy needed after a long winter. Contrary to popular belief, drinking hot tea will not make you feel hotter. In fact, hot green tea can refresh you more than cold iced drinks. A cup of hot green tea will still make you sweat, so make sure you drink it “in conditions that allow the sweat to evaporate completely.[6]”Autumn is usually reserved for oolong tea, while winter is great for black and dark teas like pu’erh.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is not to diagnose or treat any disease, or to replace the opinion of a medical professional. Never treat yourself with any disease and do not drink large amounts of tea, real or herbal, if you suffer from serious illness, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Green tea contains caffeine and is best avoided by children, people with caffeine sensitivity and other caffeine problems. Each person is different and it is impossible to make a general statement about benefits or side effects.


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