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Onions are a staple food in almost any diet, but keto dieters often ask: Is onion keto? As leafless vegetables, they contain some carbohydrates that may not make them suitable for every keto diet. However, many keto dieters use onions in their daily meals without any problems, and for the most part, onions are keto-friendly if used correctly.

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Below, we’ll discuss onions on a keto diet, including how you can use them to help you stay in ketosis, which onions are best for a keto diet, and some alternatives you can use in cooking for provide flavor and health. the benefits of onions without as many carbohydrates. Let’s begin!

Why isn’t onions ideal for a Keto diet?

The answer to the question, I’m a keto onion, depends on a few things, first of all how much you intend to use. Onions are usually considered “keto-friendly”, but are not suitable in large volumes. All types of onions contain carbohydrates. Starch and sugar in onions could push you beyond the net daily carbohydrate limit and get you out of ketosis.

Most people with a keto diet aim to eat less than 50 grams of carbohydrates, which would be very difficult to achieve with onions alone. Other people who follow a keto diet are limited to 25 g or less, sometimes aiming for as close as possible to 0 g of carbohydrates.

While onions probably don’t threaten your ketogenic state if you eat less than 50 g of carbs, half an onion in a dish could add enough carbs to exceed your limit if you want to eat less than 5 g. or even 10 g of carbohydrates a day.

How many carbs do you have in an onion?

Most onion varieties contain between 10 and 15 g of carbohydrates per onion. A few grams of dietary fiber bring total net carbohydrates between 8 and 12 g, depending on the type of onion.

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What types of onions are most Keto-friendly?

The number of carbohydrates you will consume when you eat onions depends on the type of meal you use. Yellow onion is the best low-carb option because it has the lowest amount of sugar and total carbohydrates.

A cup of chopped yellow onions contains about 7 g of carbohydrates and only 1 g of dietary fiber. Of the 6 grams of net carbohydrates in a yellow onion, only 1 g comes from sugar. This makes yellow keto onions friendly compared to other varieties.

Red onions contain about 15 g of carbohydrates per cup of chopped onions and about 12 g of net carbohydrates. Of these net carbohydrates, about half come from sugars.

White onions contain about 15 g of carbohydrates per cup and 3 g of dietary fiber. This brings the total net carbohydrate to 12 g with 7 g of sugar per cup of chopped white onions.

As you can probably guess, sweet onions – sometimes called Vidalia onions – are usually considered the worst option for those on a keto diet. They contain 12 g of carbohydrates per cup, about 1 g of dietary fiber and the highest sugar of any onion: 8 g.

Bottom line: if you want to include onions in your keto diet, the best option is to avoid sweet onions and white onions as much as possible and favor yellow onions for their low sugar and total carbohydrate content.

Is Onion Powder or Dried Onions OK for Keto?

Some people think that dried onion flakes and onion powder are more friendly with carbohydrates and keto than regular onions. Unfortunately, this is inaccurate. Dried onions and powdered onions both have as many carbohydrates and sugars as normal onions.

Most sources confirm that you need about a tablespoon of any to get the flavor of a full onion. The nutritional values ​​of dried onion forms show that the total carbohydrate content, crude carbohydrates and grams of sugar are almost equal when you replace raw onions with powder or dried onions.

Fortunately, the health benefits of onions – such as abundant antioxidants – can still be enjoyed if you use dried onions or powder.

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How can you use onions to help you stay in ketosis?

While onions may not be the perfect low-carb food for keto dieters, you can use them to stay in ketosis if you include them in moderation in your diet. There are a few things you need to do to successfully use onions in a keto diet.

First of all, choose yellow onions from other varieties in your keto meal as often as possible. They have the lowest net carbohydrates and the lowest amount of sugar per serving.

Second, use them to add flavor to food instead of sugar or spices with sugar. We all crave delicious, flavorful food, and sometimes use sugar or sauces like ketchup, BBQ sauce, and dressings that add flavor to the detriment of carbs. Onions contain carbohydrates and sugars, but are relatively poor in both, so they can pack in tons of flavor and help you avoid other flavorful ingredients that are even worse for keto.

Finally, use onions in moderation in your keto diet. The good thing about onions is that little goes away. You probably don’t need a cup of onion in a meal to get a bold flavor, so reducing that amount to a quarter of a cup will provide a relatively low-carb flavor that won’t get you out of ketosis.

What are some Keto alternatives to onions?

If you are a keto dieter who quits keto after consuming very few carbs and works tirelessly to keep your carbs as low as possible, onions may not work in your diet. Fortunately, there are some flavorful alternatives that belong to the allium family that you can use to make your keto dishes more interesting and bold, without adding too many crude carbs.


Garlic is one of the best low-carb alternatives to onions for a keto diet. Garlic is full of flavor and, although it tastes different from onions, it often has the same bold taste that we crave in our meals. There are also various health benefits of eating garlic, including a strengthened immune system.

A tablespoon of garlic is usually more than enough to flavor an entire keto meal and contains only 3 g of carbohydrates and about 1 g of sugar. Due to the low net carbohydrate content, most patients on a keto diet can use as much garlic as they can eat in a day, without worrying that it will push them out of ketosis.


Echelons are a type of onion that also belongs to the allium family. They contain quite a lot of carbohydrates, but most keto dieters use less shallots in a recipe than raw onions. The taste is a little bolder, so you’ll probably use a smaller portion of shallot that contains less net carbohydrates in general.

A 100 g serving of shallot – which is a lot! – contains about 17 g of total carbohydrates, including 3 g of dietary fiber and 8 g of sugar. This portion is about the same as white onions, but the total carbohydrate you add to the food will be smaller, as you are less likely to use it when cooking your keto food.

Green onions

Green onions – also called green onions – also belong to the allium family, so they offer the same type of onion flavor to the recipes that require them. Like shallots, most people use smaller portions of green onions on a keto table because the taste is stronger than that of an onion.

For a portion of 100 g or 1 cup, you can expect green onions to provide about 7 g of carbohydrates, 2.5 g of dietary fiber and only 2 g of sugar. Most dishes will require a much smaller portion of green tea, so the carbohydrate content of what you actually eat will most likely be minimal.

Keto recipes using onions

Onions are a great way to add flavor to your recipes. It is important to keep track of how many onions you use to make sure you stay within your daily carbohydrate limits. Check out some of our favorite recipes that use just the right amount of onions!

  • Keto Onion Rings – What better way to get that delicious onion flavor than with a childhood favorite?
  • Keto Big Mac Salad – Same as the burger, but healthier as well may be even tastier.
  • Keto Philly Cheesesteak Casserole – A Philly cheesesteak is one of the best foods ever invented. This casserole brings all the flavor without carbs.
  • Keto Taco Salad Casserole – If you’ve been missing taco salads since you started keto, try this recipe.
  • Keto Nachos – For those nights when you don’t feel like spending a lot of time cooking, but you still want a delicious dinner.

Conclusion: Is Onion Keto Friendly?

Onions are flavorful and can add depth to almost any dish. In addition, they contain vitamins and minerals, so many keto dieters look beyond their carbohydrate content to enjoy the many health benefits of onions. However, they do contain carbohydrates and a minimal amount of dietary fiber. The most worrying thing for those who eat keto is the sugar content of onions. In substantial amounts, onions can cause a rise in your blood sugar levels and can cause you to get rid of ketosis.

That being said, anyone can include onions in their keto diet as long as they count their carbs and make sure their consumption is below the daily limit. If you want to get less than 50 g of carbohydrates a day, onions will contribute very little to this number. If your goal is to get as few carbs as possible, you should plan to use onions in moderation to add a little flavor to your food, but without introducing too many crude carbs.

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Onions can be great for keto if you use them instead of sauces or spices rich in sugar or carbohydrates for flavor. For the lowest carbohydrate content and massive flavor in your keto dishes, you can consider replacing onions with other members of the allium family, including garlic, shallots, and onions.

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