The most extreme diets for drastic weight loss have been revealed – Fastest way to lose 20 pounds

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  • Over the years, people have come up with some pretty extreme diets as a way to lose weight as fast as possible.

    It is important to note that these are some of the most extreme diets ever recorded. They should not be followed and there are many safer, healthier, more sustainable and medically approved diets to follow if you are looking for fast-paced diets. Many people find it very successful to lose weight with popular diets, such as the Sirtfood Diet and 16: 8 fasting, or well-known weight loss programs such as Atkins and Weight Watchers.

    Also, if you go to extreme diets because you want a quick solution to weight gain or you just can’t lose weight, it’s best to make an appointment with your family doctor and seek the help of a personal trainer. Both will be able to put you on the right path to a healthy and lasting weight loss.

    Extreme diets: Chemical diet

    The chemical diet consists of eating only lean, unroasted meat, water, eggs, vegetables and just a little bread or fruit. Apparently, the food combination should chemically react together and burn fat. It has also been promoted as a way to lower blood sugar and support long-term control of blood sugar.

    Although, it is difficult to really support this long-term diet and there is no evidence to suggest that it really works. It is not nutritionally balanced and these foods, regardless of their combination, are unlikely to contain enough calories to get through the day.

    Eggs and vegetables are part of extreme chemical diets

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    Extreme factor: 5/10

    Extreme Diets: Bulletproof Coffee Diet

    The Bulletproof Coffee Diet is an additional addition to the whole diet itself.

    A Bulletproof coffee is an alternative to a standard breakfast, consisting of a standard filter coffee, with one to two tablespoons of oil and one to two tablespoons of unsalted butter.

    In addition to being just a standard recipe that anyone can follow, Bulletproof Coffee has created an entire franchise around their product, with specially designed coffee, oil and unsalted butter, all available for purchase on the website.

    According to the website, a Bulletproof coffee works alongside many different ways to eat – including the paleo diet, the low-carb diet and the ketogenic diet, as well as intermittent fasting and diets with one meal a day. It’s not “your usual latte”, but rather an “energizing, keto-friendly coffee drink”.

    Pour the coffee from the stove by hand into a cup

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    As for extreme diets, it’s not too bad – but we’re not sure how many people will want to drink a piece of butter and a splash of oil with their morning coffee.

    Extreme factor: 4/10

    Extreme diets: Maple syrup diet

    It appears that Beyonce was on a maple syrup diet to lose weight before her role in Dream girls and it is said to have lost half a stone – but it is not durable even for a day.

    Also called the Lemon Diet, the maple syrup diet was invented by naturopath Stanley Burroughs over thirty years ago. It involves a detox drink consisting of two tablespoons (about 20 ml) of Natural Tree Syrup with two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, a powder of cayenne pepper or ginger and half a liter of hot or cold water.

    The diet suggests drinking six to nine of them a day – and that’s it.

    Although weight loss is said to be rapid, the list of side effects is long, from diarrhea to headaches, nausea and mental irritability – along with only permanent hunger. It’s a pretty radical way to lose weight, and even the creators themselves recommend it as a long-term weight loss technique, for obvious reasons.

    Maple syrup, part of the extreme diet

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    Extreme factor: 8/10

    Extreme diets: Diet with raw foods

    While raw fruits and vegetables have many benefits and there are a lot of medically recommended diets that suggest eating more raw foods, they are normally combined with other foods.

    The raw food diet suggests that people eat everything that is unprocessed and untreated – including fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, seaweed, and purified water. However, no more than 75% of food can be heated to 116 ° C.

    Extreme factor: 7/10

    Extreme diets: Strawberry diet

    There are two versions of this diet. One that supplements healthy, daily meals with strawberries for their natural health benefits (including high levels of vitamin C, folic acid, and potassium). But, of course, there is a more extreme version, called Strawberry Fast.

    Strawberries in a strainer

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    Here one lives only on strawberries to lose weight fast. Although strawberries are very healthy, eating them alone is not only unsustainable, but you will lose all the other vital elements of a balanced diet and you will be very, very hungry.

    Extreme factor: 8/10

    Extreme diets: Snake juice diet

    The snake juice diet has become famous over the years for its purpose as a method of drastic weight loss. However, it is very controversial.

    Also known as the “snake diet” because it mirrors the way reptiles eat, the snake juice diet takes the fasting method to the extreme. Dieters are encouraged to fast for long periods of time between meals, as it will help them lose weight.

    However, nutritionists have said that there is “absolutely nothing good in this diet”.

    Extreme factor: 9/10

    Extreme diets: Egg diet

    The egg diet is exactly what it says on the box – it’s about eating a lot of eggs. In fact, it is a diet that involves eating only eggs – along with small amounts of lean protein and fresh vegetables.

    Box of eggs next to the box of vegetables

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    While it appears that businessman Charles Saatchi lost four stones in 10 months while eating nothing but eggs, no one could really verify this information. There are also much healthier ways to lose weight in less than a year, including the simplest and most medically proven way to lose weight: maintain a calorie deficit and increase exercise.

    Extreme factor: 8/10

    Extreme diets: Macrobiotic diet

    The main focus of this diet is the consumption of whole grains for 60% of all meals, the rest being raw vegetables.

    This might sound okay in theory, but a celebrity who tried the diet said, “It made me vomit.”

    Gwyneth Paltrow met V Magazine in 2008 and revealed that she had been on a diet for “about three or four years” before becoming pregnant with her daughter. “I could not look at the brown rice. It made me vomit. But being macrobiotic basically means eating local, organic, seasonal foods that aren’t processed, and that’s how I eat now, so it’s not that different. ”

    Woman holding a plate of whole grains

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    Extreme factor: 7/10

    Extreme diets: Grapefruit diet

    This is one of the most famous extreme diets, which was invented in the 1930s and has survived the other fashionable diets.

    There are many variations of it, but they all include one thing – grapefruit and many of them. Apparently, there is a special ingredient in grapefruit that, when consumed in the form of a protein, triggers a fat burning process and therefore leads to weight loss.

    So the idea is to start each meal with half a grapefruit, eat lots of protein and drink plenty of water and black coffee. Although this diet can help you lose a few pounds in the short term, it will be an unpleasant process and any weight lost will build up immediately after you return to your normal diet.

    Grapefruit next to a glass of water

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    Such a drastic reduction in calories and a change in diet can also lead to dizziness and upset stomach, along with a lot of other negative side effects.

    Extreme factor: 6/10

    Extreme diets: cabbage soup diet

    Like many other extreme diets, the cabbage soup diet consists of a single ingredient consumed over and over again.

    This requires a person to eat large amounts of cabbage soup in an attempt to reduce their calorie intake. Any medical expert would advise this diet because it is completely devoid of nutrients that are not retained in the cabbage, such as enough carbohydrates and protein.

    But other experts, who have taken the time to consider this extreme diet, also suggest that it is a total waste of time because it forces the body to go into starvation mode. This means that your metabolism slows down and your body retains fat – which is definitely the complete opposite of the ultimate goal here.

    Woman choosing cabbage

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    Extreme factor: 6/10

    Extreme diets: Potato diet

    The potato diet is another classic and, in the same way as the others, it is largely advised. This extreme diet (predictably) involves eating nothing but potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a whole week.

    It is unsustainable in the long run and because potatoes are low in protein and fat, they do not have two of the vital nutrients.

    But it turned out to work. The Potato Diet aired on Channel 4. How to lose weight well and Caroline, the woman who tested the diet on the show, managed to lose almost a stone in just one week.

    Potatoes that are peeled for the potato diet, an extreme diet

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    Experts warn, however, that long-term dependence on this diet could lead to multiple nutrient deficiencies and a gradual loss of muscle.

    Extreme factor: 6/10

    Extreme Diets: Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet

    Cookies are involved, but not as we know them. This diet has been around for about 40 years and the creators claim that it can help people lose about 11 to 17 pounds in just one month.

    This diet is based exclusively on Dr Siegal cookies (with flavors of chocolate brownie, oatmeal with cinnamon, maple pancakes and butterscotch) for all three meals during the day, along with a meat and vegetable dinner.

    Each cookie contains 90 calories and is made up of low GI ingredients, such as whole wheat flour, bran and oats. The only meal you can have is a meat and vegetable dinner, along with two more cakes afterwards, if you’re still hungry.

    Extreme factor: 6/10

    So, having multiple disadvantages of these fad diets and without any proof that you will not immediately gain all the weight back once you start eating normally again, it is better to plan a long-term healthy weight loss.

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