The queen faces heartache on a painful day of bitterness – Fastest way to lose 20 pounds

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  • The Queen faces great heartache as she marks a painful day of bitterness on February 9, after returning to Windsor Castle.

    The monarch recently marked its official beginning Platinum Jubilee the year 2022, but while some are looking forward to the four-day holiday full of holidays, for Regina it has probably been overshadowed by great sadness. With he returned to Sandringham Earlier that week, she privately reflected on the death of her father, King George VI, on February 6 – the tragic moment that saw her officially become queen all these years ago.

    Now the Queen has returned to her home in Berkshire, Windsor Castle. Although, unfortunately, he did not leave his heartache behind as he prepares for a bittersweet day.

    Just three days after the death of King George VI, Her Majesty’s thoughts are likely to be filled with her sister, Princess Margaret, who died on February 9, 2002.

    Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen Elizabeth II, left, and Princess Margaret, right, riding a pony and trap in Great Windsor Park, England

    The memory of Margaret’s loss probably makes this meeting particularly heartbreaking for the queens. The presence of the Countess de Snowdon is still strongly felt in Companywith some fans even describing Princess Charlotte like the spitting image of his daughter Lady Sarah Chatto.

    While her niece Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones was the bridesmaid when Prince William and Kate Middleton are married. But despite the fact that February 9th has such painful associations, it does not lack a fair share of moments of joy. thanks to one of the Queen’s great-grandchildren, making the day truly bittersweet.

    Princess Eugenie gave birth August Brooksbank at this exciting 2021 reunion, which means her and Jack Brooksbank’s little boy has now reached his first birthday. This joyous occasion will probably help ease the Queen’s grief on this challenging anniversary.

    And although it is not known how Eugenie, Jack and August will celebrate, reports claim that Prince George had a pleasant call to Zoom with his birthday monarch last year. It also appears that Regina loves Zoom calls with her other great-grandson, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor. Both boys are older than little August, but he may also enjoy a wonderful video call with his great-grandmother for his big day.

    However, I choose to mark this occasion, the first birthday of August, which falls on the anniversary of the death of Princess Margaret, makes this an incredibly bittersweet day for the Queen.

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